LAUNCH X431 PROS V5.0 diagnostic tool

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  • AutoAuth for FCA SGW

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LAUNCH X431 PROS V5.0 Diagnostic Tool

2023 NEWEST LAUNCH X431 PROS V5.0 A diagnostic scanner designed for professional mechanics, with the same functions as X431 V+, such as 31+ reset service; ECU coding; active test; flash hidden function; key programmer, VAG boot function; Automated verification of FCA SGW. And launched x431 PROS V1.0 to provide 2 years of free updates, which will save you more expensive subscription fees than 1-year subscription-free scanning tools. In addition to the typical service functions you might expect such as oil reset, injector coding, brake reset, SAS reset, ABS bleed, and throttle matching, there are many other functions in the LAUNCH x431 PROS V1.0 diagnostic tool that Can make service a breeze in your workshop: TPMS Reset, DPF Reg, Gear Learning, AFS Reset, EGR Adaption, Sunroof, SUS Reset, Windows Calibration and more cover 99% of your car repair and maintenance needs.

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