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Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite: 2022 Top One-stop Intelligent Diagnosis with Topology Diagram

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite, the newest addition to the Autel line of highly advanced smart diagnostic tools, is designed to maximize technician intelligence. Based on the fast and intuitive Android 7.0 OS, powered by Samsung Exynos 8895V octa-core processor, substantial 256GB built-in memory, all powering the new split-screen multi-application navigation to provide diagnostic guidance and test components to confirm repairs. 18000mAh provides extended battery life and intelligent power saving. Its visually stunning 12.9” capacitive touchscreen offers ultra-high resolutions up to 2732x2048. Combined with the dynamic topology module mapping, enhanced Auto SCAN features and Intelligent Diagnostics options, the Ultra Lite offers the technicians step-by-step repair guidance. As the top-end diagnostic scanner in 2022, Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite is equipped with all funtions that you may need to be a professional mechanic:

NO IP Limitation, 13+ Languages Support: English(default) / Portuguese / Germany / Japanese / French / Spanish / Italian/ Dutch/ Polish/ Swedish/Russian/ Korean/ Traditional Chinese, etc. (Please send us the S/N of device to authorize the language you want)
Updated version of MaxiSys Elite / MS909 / MS919 / MK908P/ MS908S; All-in-one comprehensive scanner for large repair workshops
D-PDU / RP1210 / DoIP / CAN FD latest protocols are supported; Wider vehicle coverage for 99.99% of makes in the market
️One-stop Intelligent Diagnosis based on DTCs, helping you have a clear picture of vehicle status; the Ultra Elite features Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), DTC Analysis, Repair Assist, Repair Tips, Component Measurement, and Relevant. For each fault code, Ultra Lite performs an in-depth analysis and gives the OE data and processing suggestions
️OE-level Topology Module Tree, helping you view the vehicle's crux much more intuitively
️Advanced J2534 ECU Programming and ECU Coding, ECU module matching & replacement, etc.
️40+ service functions to fix all car-related problems, no need to turn to other scan tools or gurus
️Split-screen multi-application navigation with super-fast running speed, greatly improving your work efficiency
️Access''Auto Auth'' gateway for 2018 and newer FCA vehicles(Chrysler/JEEP/Dodge/Fiat) in the US, Canada, and Mexico by updating the newest version
️10+ highly advanced functions: Bi-directional Control/Active Test; VAG Guided Functions; Personalization / Modification / Flash Hidden Feature;Compatible with Autel BT506 for battery test, MV108/MV105 for digital inspection; Remote Expert; Autel Cloud Report Management WiFi Printing, etc.
Diagnostic function of McLaren and Tesla support: Different from other scan tool, Autel Ultra Lite support the new energy vehicle's diagnostic
Built-in demonstration software gives you the opportunity to quickly learn the operation of our tool on different vehicles

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite: Intelligent Diagnostics, Same AS Ultra But Cost Less
Intelligent Diagnostics provides smart shortcuts for technicians to get information directly related to the fault code, rather than that isn’t relevant, helping technicians repair detected faults efficiently, making repair work 200% easier than ever.

One-Stop Solution to Guide Customers to Solve the Faults Step by Step

✔️Vehicle System and Detected DTC --- Displays the name of the vehicle system(s) and the detected DTC(s)
✔️Technical Service Bulletin (OEM Info) --- Contains DTC-related recalls, TSB, and OEM campaigns.
✔️DTC Analysis --- Realize the definition of the fault codes, its cause and provide the related solution.
✔️Repair Assist --- Intelligently prioritizes DTCs and leads the user to the proper repair.
✔️Repair Tips --- Step-by-step guidance to efficiently solve multiple faults
✔️Component Measurement --- Provides detailed information and instructional guides on using the oscilloscope to test components for faults.
✔️Relevant Case --- Offers relevant fault-clearing cases for reference.
✔️Compatible with --- BMW, Ford, Audi, Chrysler, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, VW, etc..As 2022 top intelligent diagnostic scan tool, ultra lite can cover most vehicles worldwide than any other scanner of Autel products.

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite: An Intuitive Topology Diagram Displays The System Situation For Fast Troubleshooting
Automotive diagnostic scan tool Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite displays the entire system through a Topology Map to have a full map of all the modules, normal or abnormal. And the number of the DTCs is marked out for the easy location of the faults. And just one click, you can access the fault module directly, and the DTC definition and suggested reasons are listed, improving your working efficiency highest than ever.

✔️ Intuitively display the current module status (the number of DTCs in a specific module )
✔️Systematically show the communication structure between the modules
✔️Directly display the fault code and enter the system execution function

NOTE: Topology is not universal to all the vehicles, please check VIN for compatibility before you order!

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite: J2534 ECU Programming & ECU Coding
J2534-Compliant VCI: Program ECUs Easily for BMW & Benz

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite diagnostic scanner is equipped with SAE J2534-1 & -2 compliant PassThru reprogramming device that developed as an easy solution for complex and time-consuming J2534 programming tasks. It can be used by any technician or shop, regardless of experience. No need to drive to dealer or a special dealer-only tool any more.

Replacing the existing software/firmware in the Electronic Control Units.
Programming new ECUs and fixing software-controlled drivability issues and emission issues.
Updating data and operating instructions previously installed in a control module.

ECU Coding- Personalize the Car as Need

1. Module Replacement: Recode/reset/match/initialize adaptive data for certain components after replacing modules
2. Flash Hidden Function: Activate the hidden features or disable the annoying features, such as change the interior light, activate cornering headlights with fog lights, and deactivate buzzing sounds when locking the door, etc.
3. Personalized Customization: Set up functions only available in high-end vehicles, such as adaptive cruise holding system, vehicle positioning, remote start and air conditioning, etc.

Online Coding: Empower you to access the online data from the OEM server to do high-level repairs. Compatible with BMW F and E chassis, Benz, Porsche, VW, Audi, Porsche, etc.

Offline Adaption: Read the code from the original module, and then write the code to the new module. Compatible with Ford

Note: ECU Programming and Coding is not universal, please send VIN to check before order.

Support D-PDU/RP1210/DoIP/CAN FD Protocols:

D-PDU/SAE J2534/RP1210 diagnostic protocols enable Ultra Lite to diagnose and program more passenger and commercial vehicles. With DoIP/CAN FD protocols, which transmit data much faster than CAN, Ultra Lite extends the diagnostic range for many newer vehicle models, like GM (Post-2019); Volvo (Post-2018), Land Rover (Post-2017), Jaguar (Post-2017), BMW (G/E Chassis), etc.

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite: 40+ Service Win More Business!
30+ Commonly Used Reset Functions for Fast Maintenance or Repairs:

Oil Reset, EPB, BMS, ABS Bleed, TPMS, Airbag Reset, DPF Reg., IMMO Service, Injector Coding, SAS Calibration, Suspension Calibration, Throttle Adaption, ABS/SRS, Gear Learning, Sunroof Initialization, Seats Calibration, Language Change, Headlight Matching, A/F Setting, WIN DR Roof, Odometer, CHG Tire Size, Cylinder, Turbocharging, Limit, Trans Adaption, etc

Oil Reset, to reset the oil service lamp for the engine oil life system;
EPB Reset, to reset the brake pad after replacing the brake pad.
ABS Bleeding, to perform various bi-directional tests of Anti-lock Braking System;
Injector Coding, to write the new code to the ECU after replacement of injector.
Suspension Calibration, to adjust the height of the body;
SAS Calibration, to calibrate the steering angle after replacement.
BMS Reset, to perform a resetting operation on the monitoring unit of the vehicle battery.

10+ Advanced Functions for Different Vehicle Models:

Neutral Gear Position Learning, Torque Sensor Adjustment, Signal Check, Yaw Rate Sensor (YRS) Learn, Clutch Pedal Position Learn, Cylinder Power Balance, Component Matching, Stop/Start Reset, Transport Mode, Auto-Door Lock, etc.

Note: Service functions vary by different vehicles, please send VIN to check compatibility before purchasing.

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite: OE-Level All System Diagnostic & Real Bi-directional Control
>>All System Coverage: Autel scan tool Ultra Lite is known for full system diagnosis, and can diagnose on all vehicle systems: ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, ECM, PCM, EPS, PDM, TPM, BCM, etc, never misses any available systems. Definitely a step up from your standard code readers. So you don't need to buy the different scanners to test different modules. With auto VIN and auto scan features, Autel Ultra Lite car diagnostic scanner can automatically access all available systems to locate vehicles' problems for troubleshooting in minutes.

>>The application of Bi-directional Control (Active Test) minimizes your troubles and saves your time. The diagnostic scanner doesn’t need to take a lot of time to tear the vehicle into parts to detect problems. Accurately problem location also helps you avoid extra repair fees.

The Ultra Lite diagnostic tool functions active test on all available vehicle systems. Commonly used to check Engine, Powertrain, Fuel Control System, ABS, Transmission, Windows, Doors, Sunroof, Lights, etc.

More Extened Functions Unlocked to Perform Comprehansive Diagnostic

1. VAG Guided Function: Provides OE-level guidance and allows you to follow the screen instructions step by step to complete some complex service operations. Designed for VW/ Audi/ Skoda/ Seat/ Bently/ Man LD cars etc.
2. Remote Expert & Remote Desk: Helps technicians solve vehicle diagnostics and maintenance problems quickly and efficiently
3. Auto VIN/ Scan VIN& License / Auto Scan / Pre&Post Scan: Auto VIN technology allow Ultra Lite automotive diagnostic scan tool to identity your vehicle’s make, model, and year information with one click. Scan VIN & License allows you simply take a photo of the VIN sticker for quick vehicle identification. Auto Scan can automatically scan all vehicle’s ECUs at one touch and find out fault codes. Pre&Post Scan can generate diagnostic report.
4. WiFi Priting: No need to connect to PC, you can to any printer via WiFi and click the "Print" from your Autel Ultra Lite and you'll get the report right away! Save your time!
5. Compatible with MV108/MV105: Allows you to have a futher wear situation check on your car engine/transmission,etc internal structure, to avoid further damage or avoid potential dangerous driving.
6. Compatible with BT506: Work with Autel BT506 battery Tester, Autel scanner Ultra Lite can perform professional cranking/charging systems test and in-vehicle & out-of vehicle battery test
7. Autel Cloud Report Managerment: Allows you upload data and diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud without fear of loss and makes easier to share reports to clients via email/SMS/QR code.

Autel MaxiCOM Ultra Lite: Top-end Hardware Configuration for Ultra-Fast Diagnostic Speed
With the powr of the hardware behind it, Autel Ultra Lite can conduct 3X faster fiagnostic speed, cut diagnostic time tremendously!

1. Autel Diagnostic Scanner with 16.0 Megapixel Rear and 5.0 Megapixel Rear Camera
2. Andriod 7.0 System: 3X faster operation speed than Android 4
3. Samsung Exynos 8895V Octa-core Processor (2.3 GHz Quad-core Mongoose + 1.7 GHz Quad-core A53): Greatly increased the speed of running multiple tasks
4. 12.9-inch Capacitive Touch Screen with 2730 x 2048 P Resolution: A clear, responsive screen for hassle-free browsing data
5. 18000mAh Rechargeable Battery: Brilliant Battery Life ( up to 8 Hours NON-STOP Using Time+ Long Standby Time )
6. 256GB Memory: More vehicle documents & customer data can be saved
7. 2.4GHz&5GHz Dual-Frequency Wi-Fi: Faster transmission rate
8. 328 feet(100M) Wireless Diagnostic: Move freely
9. Built-in Dual Speakers: Convenient for you watching diagnostic and repair videos