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launch x431 v+ 4.0 v pro pad3 padiii pros pro3 pro3s+ bi-directional automotive scanner scan tool
X431 PADIII V2.0:The latest high-end & comprehensive diagnostic tool from LAUNCH

1. 64GB Storage Capacity + 128GB Extended Memory: large internal storage and expandable memory for more vehicle software loaded, diagnostic records, photos, music, and games, etc.

2. 15000mAh Rechargeable Battery: Up to 20 hours continuous use on a single charge, avoid frequent charging, its battery life is 2 times that of other diagnostic tools

3. ADAS Support: enable you to effectively and accurately calibrate a wide range of camera-based & radar-based driver assistance systems.

4. MORE ADVANCED FUNCTIONS ADDED: AutoAuth for FCA SGW+ SCN Coding+Guided Functions+Variant Coding+Modification for BMW......

5. Fast Update Frequency: excellent diagnostic capabilities, the system response speed has been greatly improved by optimizing the system layer; more mainstream functions have been added to better meet your needs.

7. Global Version: NO-IP Limited Update, no worry use and update where you are.

8. Available to Download any applications: like Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Hotmail, etc.

9. Fixed More Bugs and Upgrade: Update car software to 2018/2019/2020, including cars, SUVs, minivans, 12v light-duty trucks. Expanded vehicle coverage can grow your customer base.

10. Wide Vehicle Coverage: Update car software to 2019/2020/2021, including cars, SUVs, minivans, 12v light-duty trucks.

11. 24+ Languages Support All Languages you can use. it is also the Perfect Gift for your family and friends.

12. Discover More User-Friendly Features: Remote Diagnosis+Health Report Generate and Share+Record & Playback+Share Report via Wi-Fi

13. Online Repair Resources: Over 1600 vehicle models' service & 10000GB repair information, handbook, repair case, and operation skills are included.

14. Multi-PID Live Data Graphing IN 1 Screen: One screen can display 15 data streams (Graphic and textual). which is easy to navigate.

15. Extended Modules: support Oscilloscope, Sensor, Multimeter, Battery Test, Endoscope, and Ignition Analysis, helping technicians perform more in-depth vehicle inspections.

launch x431 x-431 padiii pad3 v+ 4.0 pro3 v pro diagun v diagnostic scanner for all cars scan tool

ECU Coding for Functionality

LAUNCH X431 PADIII offers the ECU Coding feature, which is not available in conventional code readers, to allow you:

To perform the customer individual customization of the car such as setting alarms, doors locking, and outdoor lighting, etc., to improve vehicle performance, or stimulate high-end car functions.
To alter the configuration when a component is replaced, so the new actuators can be recognized by related vehicle systems.
To enable multiple car systems to recognize each other, and so the actuators can start to work.

*Note: The features that can be changed through coding depend on each car model.

Active Test / Bidirectional Control

The X431 PAD III V2.0 automotive diagnostic scanner performs the active test, thus you can bypass the electronic control module and directly communicate with the control unit. By monitoring actuators’ response, you can precisely locate the faults, shortening the troubleshooting time without tearing the vehicle apart

Diagnostic tool

40+ Special Functions

Injector Coding: Code a new injector to replace the previous one to control the injection amount.
Oil Reset: Reset the oil life to start a new maintenance cycle.
Throttle Adaptation: Initialize the throttle actuators to turn the learning value of the ECU to the initial state.
Steering Angle Reset:: Calibrate the steering angle after replacing the steering angle position sensor, replacing the mechanical parts of the steering system and completing the four-wheel positioning, etc.,
Battery Matching: Reset the monitoring unit of the car battery after replacing a battery or a battery monitoring sensor.
TPMS Service: Relearn TPMS sensors so that new sensors can be recognized by ECU.
AFS Reset: It detects the light then decides whether to automatically turn on the headlights or not. It can also adjust the headlights in time by monitoring the driving speed.
EGR Adaption: Reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gas and improve fuel economy at partial load.
Gearbox Matching: Test the gearbox based on the driving conditions after the gearbox is disassembled or repaired, for a more comfortable and ideal shift quality.
Sunroof Service: Set the sunroof switch to be on/off according to weather, temperature, and memory.
SUS Reset: When the height sensor and control module in the system is replaced or the level of the car is wrong, this function needs to be performed to level the height sensor.

More Special Functions: AdBlue Reset / AFS Reset / A/F Reset / ABS Bleeding / Gearbox Learn / EGR Adaption / IMMO / NOx Sensor Reset / Seats Calibration / Sun Roof / TPMS Reset / Windows Calibration, etc.

LAUNCH X431 PADIII V2.0 uses AutoVIN technology, to provide quick and accurate car identification in one touch, without the manual input of vehicle make, model, and year data. After that, this scan tool will lead to diagnostics where you can choose the systems to scan.

One-Click Update
On the download page, just tap Update to start downloading. Once it’s downloaded, the system will install the software package automatically. Updates allow the diagnostic tool to be compatible with more vehicles and also optimize the diagnostic and repair capabilities of the X431 PAD3.

launch x431 x-431 padiii pad3 v+ 4.0 pro3 v pro diagun v diagnostic scanner for all cars scan tool


Videoscope (Mainly applied to check unseen parts of engine, fuel tank, braking system, etc.)
TSGUN (activate all sensors, tpms relearn, program only Launch Sensors)
X431 PRO G(IMMO For VAG Group Above 3.5)
X431 Heavy Duty Module (diagnose gasoline vehicles & 24V Diesel Trucks)
Oscilloscope/Ignition Scope; Sensor Simulator/Multimeter
Battery Tester; ADAS Mobile/ADAS PRO